A Groundbreaking Idea in Bathroom Cleaning

Even when you constantly clean your bathroom; Do you constantly fight against soap residue or stubborn stains? So don’t buy expensive cleaning products anymore. All you have to do is; take a look at your kitchen cabinet. This situation surprised you; your dishwashing detergent is very effective for making your bathroom clean and bright!

This solution, which I found by chance, works much better. One day when I placed the cleaning materials I bought from the market, I used the kitchen dishwashing detergent in my hand and I dropped my eye for years, but a drop was poured on the dirt that I couldn’t remove, and I noticed that the color of the cloth opened so lightly that I couldn’t take it. I couldn’t stand the miracle I saw and decided to share this article with you.

Using dishwashing detergent in the bathroom

It makes sense when you think about it. The detergent is for separating the accumulated oil in dirty dishes, so why not work in your bathroom?


It is actually very simple: Squeeze a little dishwashing detergent and pour over the entire tub. Try to spill the areas where the most dirt accumulates, often on the edges where the water stays in the tub. Use a dishwashing sponge to spread the detergent over the bathtub. Rub until stubborn stains disappear. All you have to do is; Rinse the tub with warm water and ready! The bathtub shines like never before.

If you can’t kneel for a long time to clean the bathroom, we share a tip for you. Use a clean broom with a slightly harder bristle instead of a sponge. This way you can clean the bathroom without standing or standing.

Good luck!

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