Best Macaroni Salad Ever

Macaroni salad that’s right I cannot believe this many Summers have come and gone and I have not shared my take on this iconic summer side dish

I mean I shudder to think what you be used instead no fence so I apologize for the delay but hopefully after you see and taste how awesome this comes out all will be forgiven so let’s go ahead and get started with the dress and what are the keys to a great macaroni salad is to do the dressing first for reasons

I’ll explain in a second start with some mayonaise to use real full fat mayonnaise and a couple spoons of Dijon mustard to be honest yellow mustard seems to be more traditional but I really do like to do some better here so little bit of mustard and

the Ross going to need some vinegar in for this I’m recommending plain white distilled vinegar and it’s not like you’re going to wreck this using two different vinegar for really this is just in here for the acidity and I think we want something that has a neutral flavor and then we’ll need to see this up a little bit with a shake of cayenne pepper as well as some freshly ground black pepper and

of course some salt and will take away School mix that up and that is basically the base of the dressing for this macaroni salad except for one tea crucial and controversial ingredient sugar while it is true that your classic American deli style macaroni salad does you sort of a sweet dressing

I find that the most popular recipes out there call for way way too much like a half a cup or 2/3 of a cup of sugar so I’m only going to cost for one or two tablespoons which I think provides plenty of sweetness especially since

we’re going to have lots of sweet vegetables and once it’s all mixed together the liquid portion of our things done and we have to move on to the salads also known as our nice veggies. With the whole bunch of finely diced celery is well as some grated carrot and then we want a little bit of onion in this and

I’m not even the white and light-green parts of some scallions and then 4 color sweetness and a little bitterness we’re just going to do some pepper and I’m not even several kinds how many goats am red bell pepper and then also some green pepper in the poblano and jalapeno and it will take a spatula mix this up and

I really think it’s important we do this stuff before we cook our pasta okay because he’s vegetables are almost going to get like a quick pickling in this dress okay the salt to sugar the acid is going to pull liquid out of those vegetables it’s going to start a firm up and crisp up the texture and I really do think it makes a little bit of a difference and besides no one can really prove otherwise and once it’s mixed

we’ll just pop it in the fridge while we prepare macaroni and I’m just going to leave that spatula right in there because we are going to use that to mix the salad up so we’ll pop it in the fridge and move on to our elbow macaroni is 1 pound of elbow macaroni that’s about four cops and we are going to cook this in some generously salted boiling water and

I said cook not undercook where do I cook this all the way just like his if we were going to eat this hot I don’t have any idea who came up with the notion that you’re supposed to undercook pasta for a salad but it’s just not true unless you want a horrible gummy texture macaroni salad

I mean who knows maybe you do but assuming you want an enjoyable texture cooking at the full time in which were going to drain that very very well so let’s pour that into a calendar to let it drain and do not under any circumstances rinse this pasta for this particular salad that is the biggest mistake you can make it so don’t do it just let this sit and rain for about 5 minutes and every so often

I want you to give it the Old Shaker Shaker which is going to help knock off some of that water and one for convince our macaroni is very very well-drained we will transfer that into a large mixing bowl and proceed with probably the most important step in this whole process the tossing and cooling of the macaroni what we’ll do is

we’ll take a spatula from the dressing and we’ll use that to Tasha’s macaroni occasionally until it cools down to just about room temp and while we’re using this spatula from the dressing we’re definitely not going to get any dressing until this has cooldown are you had a mayonnaise-based dressing to hot macaroni which will end up with is a very greasy macaroni salad and

what’s going to happen here is your tossing and cooling a very fine layer of starches going to form on each one of those pieces of macro and that’s in labor starts has been proven to more effectively grab on and hold on to that mayonnaise-based dressing his true

they’ve done studies where the Mayo Clinic Play We Like I said we want a cool that down to about room temperature and if everything has gone according to plan those pieces of macaroni should just be tacky enough to stick to your hand so that’s perfect right there and yes I will stop touching the macaroni now and at this point finally we can go ahead and dad are dressing it is you’re mixing this if you’re thinking man this is way too much dressing seems kind of wet don’t worry because you prep your macaroni properly by the time this is ready to serve

it’s going to be fully and perfectly absorbed trust me by the way we’re not going to taste it at this point okay we want to see this until that macaroni has fully absorb the dressing and it’s at the temperature we’re going to serve it so what we’ll do is we’ll wrap it up and we’ll pop it in the fridge for at least 4 hours but over and which is how long I left mine in the fridge and

then the next day when we pull it out it should look something like this and it’s predicted all our dressing has been perfectly absorbed would I like to do at this point to take the spatula and give it a nice mix so we can really see what we have and well you can definitely serve it like this I generally like to freshen it up a little bit with another small-school to mayonnaise and just a little touch of cold water just like a tablespoon or two just drizzle it in and

we’ll give that a mix and well that’s really not going to significantly change the characteristics of the salad it is like I said going to give it a little bit of a fresher look so you decide you are the Tony Tony Tony of your macaroni so that kind of sucks up to you

and then once our salad has been tossed and freshened up the last two most important step we have to taste for seasoning so I gave money taste and it was perfect and at that point will transfer it to some kind of serving container and by the way because this salad is so naturally beautiful and fresh-looking it does not need any garnish unless

of course you want people shared on social media that case you better tacos or green onions you think it was going to pin this one on top I don’t think so so I did a little green onion for the final touch and that’s it might take on the classic All-American macaroni salad is done and

I realize taste is subjective but for me this is just the epitome of the classic American macaroni salad slightly but not too sweet with just the right level the city in a very generous amount of vegetables as well as a beautiful silky creamy mouthfeel because we didn’t dress at Macaroni hot but anyway that’s it

my version of the classic American macaroni salad and of course is going to pair beautifully with anything you barbecue grill or smoke this summer probably should have done that in a different order the point is, and as always enjoy

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