Easiest Prime Rib Recipe

Famous prime rib method used to be called method X now it’s called the food which method and it proves his prime rib

so perfectly Posh skindelicious using math must be left out at room temperature for a least at least six hours or longer is better if you put the prime rib in cold the math doesn’t work

Also we want to make sure we’re using a bone in a prime rib you see they’re all right I have to rib bones which by the way means this is enough for 4 people to people for bone

all right so we have our rib it’s room temperature next step we need a flavored butter which is really simple soft butter black pepper freshlyground of course and

Herb de Provence that is a really cool Mediterranean or mix you can read about that in the blog it has rosemary thyme Usual Suspects else has a little bit of lavender very interesting

okay we’re going to mix that up and spread it over our room temperature prime rib and I will keep saying room temperature cuz it’s so important by the way there’s an old saying in the video recipe business if you spray butter on it

they will watch so there you go all right so once that’s covered with butter which by the way is only their butts are for flavor but it’s mostly there to make this salt stick to take a whole bunch of kosher salt and

we’re going to sprinkle that overall the surface area especially on Top This is a giant piece of meat so only a tiny fraction of this salt is actually going to end up on your plate but it is important

I heard Iron Chef Michael Symon once a use twice as much as you think you need which is probably a pretty safe bet all right so our room temperature prime rib is buttered it’s seasoned and now we have to preheat the oven to 500° and

by the way I’m the blog you can read about which others will work and which won’t yes electric do work gas of course but you have to have a good oven it has an accurate temperature gauge

all right onto the math in your calculator punch you in the exact weight from the label of your prime rib mine was 5 lb Tri 5 multiply that by 5 minutes and

you will get your cooking time at 500 you’re going to round up to the nearest Minute which for me is 27 the prime rib goes in the middle of the oven and cook sat 504 exactly that many minutes from a countdown from 27 minutes down to Zero by the way

I like to wait a minute before I set the timer to counteract the heat loss from putting the pan in the oven so again the weight of your prime rib * 5 it’s going to cook that many minutes at 500 degrees and then when your timer rings turn off the oven do not open the door do not touch the door handle and

I don’t even look at the oven just turn off the heat and set your timer for exactly 2 hours what’s going to happen that surface has been seared at 500 degrees and there’s a lot of heat in that oven and it’s going to slowly over the next 2 hours

it’s going to slowly cook through the rest of the meat to a perfect pink doneness it’s in some kind of magical Sweet Spot between rare and medium-rare or I personally think prime rib should be eating man that looks great

I can’t wait to dig in now one thing you don’t have to worry about here is letting it rest it’s rested for 2 hours just slice it up and serve it will still be worn inside now to make things easier I like to cut the bones off the bottom before

I slice if you want to serve it with the bone on go ahead but since I’m going to try to serve 4 people out of this I’m going to cut the bones off which is super simple to take a knife and go along with a bone meets them and

I will come off quite easily just keep your knife right along the edge of the bone in your good and of course do not discard those you can throw some barbecue sauce on those put them in the oven till fork tender and you can totally get your you know Fred Flintstone on

now I told you this magical mathematical method produces the most gorgeous pink prime rib you’ll ever see what we can do believe me or your eyes check it out oh my God is that just the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen, by the way yes this is my pee so it’s okay that

I’m touching it so much it feels so good the amount of moisture left in this meat is stunning it is pink like medium rare but the texture the moisture is closer to a rare it’s just amazing

I mean can see there with the light from the window coming in Holtsville listening now because this is just warm make sure you use heated plates are at you want warm plates you want to make sure your eyes you is very hot boiling hot you see that they’re in the Ramekin

I will demo that in another video very soon and there you go beautiful classic perfectly pink prime rib using the food which method this is the best method I hope you give it a try all the ingredients are on the site plus a ton more information so go check it out and as always enjoy

Also you can watch

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