Garlic Shrimp Recipe

Garlic shrimp that’s right there’s about 15,000 garlic shrimp recipes in the world so there’s no such thing is garlic shrimp recipe with this is my garlic shrimp recipe

I think it’s extremely delicious and I love to show you so here is what we do so this is one of those recipes you’re going to prep which is shorter and much less French through need a pound of shrimp peeled and deveined some fresh Italian parsley freshly chopped lots of garlic if you use less than 6 clothes for pound of shrimp shrimp also have some red pepper flakes and some lemon juice

and then the most top secret ingredient ever for garlic shrimp the brine from a jar of Capers oh by the way quick tip if you spill some on the table just move the Ramekin on top of it it’s like it never happened anywhere me to put about a tablespoon of Caper brine in lemon juice and it’s going to give it

that little C something that will have your foodie friends talking behind your back which is really the ultimate goal and last but never least we need some cold butter cut in four pieces okay after the prep is done

we’re going to put our best heaviest Skillet on the highest heat you have Crank that sucker Up full blast into the pan we’re going to add some olive oil and we need to get this stuff hot really hot so highest keep want to make sure the bottoms coated

we’re going to stand there with shrimp and one hand tongs in the other we’re going to wait till we see the first wisps of smoke and I know what you’re thinking I heard it’s not healthy to let olive oil smoke you’re absolutely right I prefer this recipe you need to and it’s okay don’t want to start burning

but as soon as you see that first wisp of smoke add to shrimp in even him out and then don’t do anything just let him go for a minute on touch while they’re sizzling I want to sprinkle them with salt right we don’t need any pepper cuz we have the red chili flakes and after about a minute I want you to toss them and basically do a little bit of a kind of like a stir fry Sebastian for another minute and at that point the shrimper not going to be cooked all the way through right

but the going to be about half way so you can have a little bit of color on the outside but the inside still going to be serviced translucent when they look like that I’m going to go ahead and add my garlic and my chili flakes and

we’re going to stir that in and cook the garlic now this is only going to take about a minute we’re going to really keep it moving we’re not going to let the garlic Brown at all and since this is only going for like a minute that shouldn’t be a problem so just keep kind of tossing and turning and tossing and stirring it and after one minute

it’s going to look something like that we’re to go ahead and quickly dump in the lemon juice Caper brine mixture one of the four chunks of butter and 1/2 are parsley okay we’re going to save the other half to put on top fresh all right we’re going to stir all that together

I’m going to switch to a big spoon here and as soon as I see that first piece of butter is melted I’m turning the heat down to low we’re going to toss in the rest of the butter when that’s melted you are ready to eat some unbelievably delicious garlic shrimp are you going to taste and adjust for seasoning I didn’t even need to tell you that

but I had like six seconds to kill all right and this is fantastic on any kind of starch pasta rice potatoes Etc but I like it on toast so I had some Meyer lemon bread how good does that sound so Meyer lemon bread that I toasted I tapped it with my garlic shrimp and then it’s time for that amazing sauce now my got a little thick as

I was pushing my shrimp out so no worries but a little splash of water until that sauce texture is just to your liking all right if you need to blast it with a couple seconds of heat go ahead you going to spoon over the sauce a ho yeah unreal I hate when Chef say

I wish you could smell this but you know what that’s right I wish you could smell this you’re definitely on top with some fresh parsley that’s why we save so much to be generous with that and there you go garlic shrimp so incredibly simple just sweet shrimp a big punch of garlic your face the acid from the lemon the herbaceous parsley just a classic classic combination and when

I think you’re going to have a very hard time not making after watching this video Perfect for a quick weeknight dinner or that’s right I fancy occasion just one of the dishes Works Anytime Anyplace people love it as long as you have your stuff prepped ahead of time super easy recipe anyway I hope you give that a try head over, as always enjoy

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