How to Make Falafel

Falafel that’s right Falafel one of those rare foods like french fries and pizza that pretty much everybody loves the fact

when I meet someone that doesn’t like Falafel I have to admit I’m a little suspicious about this crispy deep fried chickpea Fritter and I don’t think there’s much danger in this video putting your friendly local neighborhood Falafel stand out of business this music come out quite well

and I think you’re going to be surprised how easy it is so let’s go ahead and get started with the star of the show garbanzo beans also known as chickpeas or is my family called him grown-up Chichi beans it for the amount I make it

I’m going to use one at Jitters cup of dried garbanzo beans have a very cool parents they look like little shriveled-up let’s say brains and what we need to do is Soak these before we use them so Pro tip if you want to make this today make sure you do this step yesterday all right because what we need to do is cover these in cold water and let them soak at least overnight personally

I think 24 hours is better but overnight should be fine yes I will cover those with a few inches of cold water and we’ll put that in a place where there’s a pretty good chance it won’t get knocked over and as long as you cover those with enough water the next day they should look something like this

and then we’ll do at this point is drain those very very well before we transfer that into our food processor in add the rest of the ingredients will work sort of okay and yes you can make this my hand by crushing her shopping but that’s going to take significantly longer so try to find a food processor I guarantee one of your married friends has one just borrow it for a day tell me where to make it worth your while with falafel but anyway

we’re going to go ahead and dump in are now very well drain beans to which I might add some diced onion and by the way even though this is going to get processed I think it makes it more evenly if you start by cutting the onion is a small first so

I’m at in about half an onion along with a whole bunch of minced garlic Ross going to need a whole bunch of freshly chopped Italian parsley some people also like to use cilantro here or combination Ross going to need some salt as well as some freshly ground black pepper Russian death row in a teaspoon of ground cumin for cumin is

I believe it supposed to be pronounced as well as a little bit of ground coriander and I’m going to shock the World by putting a little pinch of cayenne as well as a small Touch of baking soda no not powder baking soda and a spoon a flower just a little not too much okay one of the big decisions with a falafel mix is do you want it more bready or more beanie and I prefer beanie so personally

I want to put too much flour here and then laughing at least we’re to squeeze in a little bit of lemon juice and that’s pretty much it and you need to go to mix like this before you process it probably not I’m not sure why did that but it’s too late now anyway once all your ingredients are together we’re still going to process this faulty not enough to start of course

and we want to end up with hear something that’s pretty finely ground but not a puree are we doing this or turn it into a really fine paste it was something like this it’s always a great idea about halfway through to take a little break take off the lid take a spatula kind of scrape everything down off the sides of a little mix in case there are any large rope chunks refusing to get mixed in it so I did that and recommend you do the same thing

and will continue to Blitz that until like I said we have a very finely ground mixture and it said to try to think of a very clever way to describe it let me just show you this is what I think you want a very finely ground but not pasty so we don’t to go too far but it does have to be ground find enough to hold a shape he’s in the balls and or other shapes soon so that’s okay

I’m good at this point we can transfer that to a bowl and kind of precedent pack it down and then what we want to do is cover this and let it sit for an hour or two before we start forming are falafels and yes I have done this without letting it rest

and it does work but by sticking it in the fridge for an hour to those flavors really are going to melt together is going to be a little easier to work with which is never a bad thing so I did put mine in the fridge for a couple hours after which we’re ready to shape and

I was going to make some small balls sorbet Scoops I want but it also ensures these are about the same size each and by the way one tip if you my senior these are a lot easier to work with the fact there’s an old saying in the Falafel industry make smooth balls and

it really is true and it’s ready to fry already cooked these in 350-degree oil for roughly 5 minutes and of course at times going to vary with your size and shape before the ones I did hear 5 minutes was just about perfect and

I’m just playing with him here you don’t have to do this I was just bored so I gave mr. but like I said we’re going to cook those for about five minutes a day should look like this beautifully Brown and crispy on the outside will transfer those down to Raku 4 minutes and we’ll take it by so you can see that gorgeous inside look at that beautiful color the right here

we can get a real good look at that texture inside it should be too wet it should be to try it should have the texture of Falafel and as you saw her last video I serve these with some tahini sauce has a dip was just a very simple and very beautiful way to serve him and

I hear you out there those look amazing that’s a great news you don’t need a deep fryer instead of making balls just fly them out into patties and pan fry them for a couple minutes per side it works beautifully and it really do come out just as gorgeous as you’re about to hear just as crispy and I only does that technique work but if you’re going to Tasha’s into a pita to make the traditional falafel sandwich that shape actually works better

so I threw a couple in a pita which I generously swipe with hummus with some diced tomato cucumber and onion and of course finished it with a drizzle tahini and that my friends for a sandwich that was not invented in America is incredible just one of the all-time great fast foods of the world and I know that’s a concept it’s hard for a lot of people are grass healthy delicious and beautiful fast food that’s it I’m going to finish the rest of that off and I really hope this demo inspired you to give these a try and what if it doesn’t I’m not going to lie I’ll feel awful you know somebody’s punches right themselves but seriously I really do hope you give these a try soon and as always enjoy

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