How to Make Fancy Stuffed Potatoes

Twice baked potatoes that’s right we taking something that was delicious cook just ones and cooked it a second time

anyway why human nature but nevertheless if you’re looking for a side dish for a special occasion dinner this is very tasty visually impressive and really not that hard to do so check it out try for russet potatoes you can obviously do as many as you want and

just like selecting a chef short and fat is always better than long and skinny okay so we have our for very stocky potatoes were going to put those on a baking sheet with a little bit of foil I’m going to drizzle just a couple drops of vegetable oil on and give him a little massage

all right you don’t eat too much just enough to coat the outside right once those are oil that we’re going to go ahead and throw those in a preheated 400-degree oven for about an hour or until this happens a Perry knife will go in almost with no effort you want these cooked all the way through

okay you’re going to grab yourself a towel you’re going to go around with a Perry knife and cut off the top I want you to go up about two-thirds of the way so just like you see me doing here cut all the way around you’re going to take that top off your going to grab a spoon and

you going to scoop out as much of the potato as you can without wrecking the outside because this is cooked all the way that’s not going to be that hard to do and you of course are also going to scoop the potato from the top you cut off and by the way do not throw out that piece

we’re going to use that to make these extra visually impressive you’re going to scoop you’re still fairly Hot Potato into a bowl and I’m going to add stuff now please keep in mind this video is a technique video not a recipe not only do

I want to not to follow my recipe exactly how many be a little bummed if you do this is the kind of recipe that you really want to tell her if your personal taste eyes are in a scoop all that out into a bowl and while it’s still hot

I’m going to throw in some chunks of butter and that’s really not a lot I could have used more right I’m also going to throw in some finally men screen

I was going to give that a quick stir get that butter melting does green onions are going to kind of steam a little bit in that hot potato and yes I did switch from a spoon or Fork thank you for noticing and

then of course when is season it up with some freshly ground black pepper a good amount of salts and some cayenne pepper at that point I’m going to throw in a handful of white cheddar or I think that works better color-wise and yellow cheddar

but same difference and once the cheese is mixed in the last two ingredients here I’m going to make a little well I’m going to pour in some cream in an egg yolk and the reason I’m doing it this way is in case if potatoes are still too hot

I don’t want to scramble the egg yolk so doing it this way will mix it in a little more gradually and again I’ll keep reminding you all these ingredients are optional you do this anyway you want you can use milk buttermilk Basin so you can just send me light your favorite mashed potato recipe

you want to go with the bacon bits or more onion or different kinds of cheeses you’d be crazy not to experiment and of course you’re going to taste that

if that doesn’t taste good the twice-baked potatoes are going to taste good that just makes sense to make sure you taste that especially for salt and once you’re happy with it

we’re ready to fill the potatoes and before we do we’re going to do one little quick trick that I invented back in 1981 we’re going to take that top we cut off and place it in the bottom that’s going to add some extra height to this and is anyone will tell you people like things that are taller

that’s why I tell people make more money than short people true story and then you’re going to divide your mixture among the four potatoes and one of the things

I love about this recipe because that extra slice of potato underneath and the extra stuff we mixed in these are going to fill way up and

it’s going to look like you have more potato then you started with kind of a cool illusion 28 divided that mixture up evenly between your potatoes and at that point we’re going to take the tip of a fork and go around and mess up the surface it might have got Smooths out as you were scooping the stuff into the potato

but we want as many Nooks crannies and crevices as possible that’s what’s going to give it a very very cool look after we bake it the second time all right looks good and then before they go back in the oven

we’re going to paint the top with some melted butter just a tiny bit as you can see here and then last but not least maybe a little bit of paprika on top for some extra color pop those back in the oven for about 20 minutes to a half-hour until just spectacularly gorgeous

I mean look at that and you can see my fairly awesome looking roast pork in the background so I’m pretty excited right now of course I have to taste this to make the video official after of course touching the Krusty buttery top and

then we’re going in hell yeah just incredible so like I said nothing wrong with regular bake potatoes but this is just on a whole other level I mean why have a dud Spud when you can have an Uber Tuber by the way you’re welcome famous rappers looking for dope new Rhymes but anyway if you’re looking for a special occasion potato side dish for your next fancy meal give these a try head over to food enjoy

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