How to Make Potato Pancakes

Potato pancakes one of my favorite potato preparations is something I just don’t make often enough super easy to make take to pound ahead 2 and 1/4 lb of russet potatoes peel them and then great them with a cheese grater into a bowl of very cold water

and I’m also going to great in half an onion into the same bowl and by the way you’ve never cried until you’ve grated onion it’s a good cry once that’s done

I’m going to add some more water fill it up a little more at least you just going to sit in the cold water for about 20-30 minutes you need to rent it just let me sit there and let me type take a couple eggs and flour black pepper Loop in Chicago in Salt of course

and we’re going to wish that up until a very smooth and then set that aside when are potatoes ready drain them rinse them put them in a colander and squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze all the water must be squeezed out so

I squeezed it A Fistful at a time and then I pressed again with some paper towel make sure all the waters out of your potatoes it’s the only way to screw this up is to have wepa tayto’s potatoes are as dry as humanly possible add them to a bull mix in your egg mixture with a spatula and that is a potato pancake mixture ready to fry it’s incredibly easy recipe

I told you I’m going to cover that while I make these cuz you don’t want any air to get to the potatoes it possible cuz they do oxidized is not something you could store put away and then you know it’s going to be good the next day

it’s going to want to make this stuff fresh all right now to fry these we’re going to use a heavy duty Skillet with a good amount of oil do they say a quarter inch of oil I don’t think we need that much on the bottom but she had enough oil to come up the side at least halfway up the pancake you want a nice crispy cake this one

I’m just doing a little test to taste for salt water to heat the pan on medium-high and when it’s hot as your pancake mixture flattened out this one’s a little smaller than the ones you going to see but again I’m just texting you for seasoning

I’m going to taste this man so good and it did need a little more seasoned so what you want to do you want to put your oil in the pan heat to medium-high when it starts to Shimmer edge of potatoes Platinum down a little bit.

Who says I have to be around if I said it once I’ve said it a thousand times the kitchen is no place for perfectionist are you fly them down to about a half-inch cooking for about like I said 5 minutes per side you want to see the edges get really crispy and crunchy before you turn them 5 minutes on the other side and when I flip them normally

I’ll turn it down to medium cuz this is raw potato you got to give it time to cook through if you keep going on high heat or medium high the whole way sometimes towards the end the edges start getting a little too Brown in the middle isn’t quite tender.

There you go I topped mine with smoked salmon sour cream and Dill. Classic combination you can do this with applesauce and sour cream another even more classic combination or just plain next to some eggs bacon anyway go to the site the ingredients for the filling are quite important so go check those out and as always enjoy

also if you want you can watch video

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