How to Make Soft, Buttery French-Style Omelets

French omelette that’s right you might not think you need a video for how to make an omelette but unless you’ve already somehow Master this magical technique

I really think you do it won’t be until you make one of these and try it yourself when you realize just how badly you needed to know how to do this since quite simply put it unlike any other omelette experience so with that let’s go ahead and get started as you may have heard to make an omelet you got to break a few eggs three large ones to be exact and

of course farm fresh or at least the freshest highest quality eggs you can manage please do not buy your eggs at the same place you buy your motor oil and that you are 3 large eggs the only other things were going to add a pinch of salt and a few drops of cold water like a half a teaspoon and other than a ridiculous amount of butter that’s going to be for ingredients and grab a whisk and bust those eggs rightly Oaks where do whistles for a minute or two or until they turn sorta liquidy right when you first start whiskey and

they’re going to be kind of thick and viscous but you’ll see after about a minute or so the mixture is going to kind of thin out and you know you’re done with the ex drop-off the wisc like this okay so we want to make sure eggs are welding

we want no visible egg whites at all so those are looking good and what has been accomplished will simply said that her side and head to the stove. Pepper pan and ideally were going to use about a 9 or 10 inch nonstick which we will place over medium-high heat and no the tablespoon of butter accept her friendship is making an omelette and

they tell you to put a tablespoon of butter in they always be more like to tablespoons and we’ll do is let that melt over medium-high heat is We Stand by armed with hopefully a large flexible rubber spatula proof of course

I will do as soon as I butter is melted but before it starts to sizzle we will go ahead and quickly p*** are eggs good if I will begin a three-stage process which is the scrambling the spreading and the folding so don’t buy eggs in

it will start working him over with a circular motion with her spatula in a culinary school they taught us to do this in a figure-eight but I never did Master that and I found a splash DayZ up the side of the pan so I prefer using more the circular motion you secure while the same time started shaking the pan and if you noticed since he’s a painter still very loose when

I shake the Panic kind of levels them out will basically we’re going to continue the scrambling stage 2 of that stops happening okay when I start forming up enough where we can’t really do that and we don’t have to spread with his bachelet even amount which is sort of where we’re at right now what we want to do is turn down to low and

we will go from scrambling is spreading and overdoing it started moving around the runny eggs to less running spots and will do his continued spraying that makes you round down low until our surface is wet but not runny which is what

I have right here okay so we don’t have pools of runny egg but the surface is still very wet very moist and once it reaches this point what we’ll do is turn off for heat and Fold It Up so we’ll start at the handle and roll perpendicularly to the other side but not all the way we want to stop a couple inches away from the edge

because what we’ll do is use are spatulas with old adage towards the middle so that we may end up with the seam on the top because he said you’re nice and soft and Country they’re very easy to shape and at this point you might think we register but we’re not what we’re going to do is toss in a couple small chunks of butter is much as

I just did it a few Chuck’s lubricated or at least that’s what the French chef say they say it’s going to be easier to get The Omelette out of the pan if we do this but I don’t think that’s the real reason I really think it’s because they wanted us to add more butter plus

I think the texture of your omelets going to be better if it sits remitted in the pan and kind of spread it over and push it underneath and will do once has melted disorder Pusher omelette to the edge of the pan it which way we can carefully flopping over onto a plate making sure the same side goes down because the ultimate goal of a French omelette is a perfectly smooth glistening surface and

of course went to town to play you can shape it anyway you want some people like to leave the ends open but I’d like to sort of them maybe after this I will reconsider that but anyway we’re going to play your omelet and finally it’s time to eat just as soon as we have some more butter no

I’m not kidding the last official stuff for any real friends how much is the pressure spread a little bit of butter on the top just want to give that service a beautiful shine but once it’s done finally we can eat with a little bit of watercress and of course

I’m toasted bread and I was just about to say I could have made that a lot nicer if I wasn’t feeling it but you know what that’s not actually true it’s probably one of the better French animals have ever made which reminds me who cares what it looks like this people in the know know the true beauty of a French omelette lies within

so let me go ahead and cut in so you can see what I’m talking about you know I usually don’t need it for tonight for my omelette but I wanted to get a nice clean-cut so you would be able to see this because of our three stages of scrambling spreading in the folding we basically layers and layers of beautiful custody eggs this is like an entirely different golden brown dry American omelette

I mean look at that it’s just so insanely creamy and delicious and by the way if you want to have some of your favorite feelings before you fold this up go ahead I mean you are this example shut of your French omelette

but if you’ve never made one of these before I highly suggest you make it as shown just so you can taste the magic that is the pure and true French omelette but of course a little bit of kind of hurt sorry I couldn’t resist but anyway that’s it my method for doing French omelets which by the way is the only omelette

we’re allowed to have wine with a breakfast like maybe a nice cold glass of sauvignon blanc and I’m not sure if that’s the best. But I do know how to pronounce it but anyway whether you’re going to make this to impress someone at some fancy breakfast or you just can’t figure out what I really do hope you give this, as usual and is always enjoy

Also if you want, you can watch video

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