If You Are Bored With Cleaning The Oven You Should Definitely Try This Method.

Oven cleaning has been a nuisance after ironing for years, and one of the hardest cleaning tools among kitchen utensils is oven. Many of the commercially available bakery cleaners contain toxic products such as caustic and ammonia, which, as you know, are seriously harmful to our health.

As we spray these cleaning materials we use in the form of particles in the air can cause damage to our lungs and skin. It can spread to our skin, eyes, and worst of all, the food you cook, which can have negative consequences for our health.

What is hygiene and hygiene for? of course it is for our health. Protecting from germs, removing eyebrows when we say eyebrows and exposure to toxic substances damage both our own health and nature.

You can simply apply this method in your home during the cleaning of the oven, which is both very effective and completely harmless.

Materials for Oven Cleaning

  • 1,5 cups of carbonate
  • If you can’t find a quarter cup of white vinegar, you can also use natural apple cider vinegar.
  • Half a glass of fluid soap or arabic soap
  • And Water

How to Prepare a Natural and Effective Oven Cleaner

Add 1.5 cup of carbonate, half cup of soap, quarter cup of vinegar and enough water into a basin and mix well. This mixture will be a paste-like cleaning material.

How to Clean a Dirty Oven

  • First remove the oven trays and grill and clean them in the sink.
  • Use a small paintbrush or pastry brush to apply the prepared paste to the sides and bottom of the oven.
  • Do not apply this paste to the oven door and glass.
  • Close the oven door and leave for at least 7-8 hours. You should do this before you go to sleep.

  • After the waiting process is completed, fill a container with water and use a sponge to remove the stains easily.
  • As the water in the container becomes dirty, do not forget to change it.
  • After the oven has been cleaned, dry it with a paper towel or a clean cloth.

How to Clean Oven Door and Glass

  • You mix a quarter cup of carbonate with water and prepare a viscous paste.
  • Open the oven door and put this paste with the sponge on the glass.
  • Soak for half an hour and then clean with a damp sponge.
  • Finally, rub with a paper towel and dry. You will see that the oven door glass is pirupak.

How do we clean the microwave oven?

  • This method is used for cleaning microwave ovens. For this, add 50 ml of vinegar and 200 ml of water into a bowl.
  • Before putting this mixture into the microwave oven, you can cut 1 lemon into it and let it run at high setting and heat for 5 minutes.
  • After the container and the mixture have cooled, wipe any spilled stains on the inner surfaces with the sponge or cloth rest you have immersed in.
  • Then pour a little Arabic soap on the soft part of your sponge and clean the edges, top and inside of the oven.

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