Pizza Sauce Recipe

Pizza sauce yes we show this before but this is the new and improved version and by noon approved I mean in secret but anyway I feel like you guys ready for this now and here is the top secret formula summer start my prep here with a little bit of fresh oregano

oregano is the signature of pizza sauce so I have to pull the leaves off the stem and once those are pick I’m going to go ahead and chop that up and that is ready to go and I got some olive oil a good amount and a good quality olive oil heat throw into anchovy fillets that’s right

there is anchovy in my pizza sauce but not enough for people will be able to identify it sizzling like that on a throw-in my minced garlic very very finely chopped garlic and I’m just going to cook that for about 60 seconds

I do not want to Brown the garlic after we sizzle the garlic for about minute minute acenar fresh oregano at this point we’re going to turn the heat down as low as it goes I’m going to stir in that oregano and we’re going to cook that in the oil for a couple minutes

I’m going to throw in some red chili flakes I like my pizza sauce a little spicy and then we’re going to put in some dry oregano and I know we got fresh Ross going to use dry because dry herbs and fresh herbs do not have the exact same flavor are so depending on the recipe sometimes we use one or the other here we can use both okay so at this point

we want to add are tomatoes and we’re using these San Marzano tomatoes from Italy the world’s best sauce tomato without a doubt San Marzano I make sure they’re the real ones from Italy from New Jersey and don’t get me wrong I love New Jersey I think they should actually make it like a real estate so

I love New Jersey the San Marzano tomatoes from Italy far superior right the prep those were going to throw those in a bowl and use our bare hand to crush them or keep crushing until you have a puree and if you’re thinking is touching the sauce with bare hands I don’t want to eat that pizza what do you think were using to make the pizza dough with that’s right I bare hands so relax are you have an immune system use it

I want some tomatoes are Crush we’re going to add that to our saucepan to he’s still on low turn it up to medium give it a stir and we’re going to bring that up to a simmer and while we wait for that to happen we’re going to add some seasoning some salt a little bit of sugar is a black pepper canister that in and

we’re going to Silver this now there’s a big controversy and how long you should cook pizza sauce some people say not at all it should be a raw sausages cooked on the pizza other people say you should simmer for hours and hours me a neutral like a Swiss Pizzeria all right I think you should get some but it does need to be cooked for hours

I simmer mine for about 35-40 minutes which I think is just about perfect and by the way sometimes we skim oil off the Tapas sauces not in this case that olive oil is part of the sauce so right in Do-Nuts Kim it very important to the final product now there’s one last top-secret trick that I learned from my grandparents were you take a very very tiny pinch of baking soda and you stir that in and

what it does theoretically is that soda neutralizes some of the acid so you can kind of see a phone up there a little bit and that’s supposed to mellow out the sauce little bit make it a little less acidic and also possibly prevent heartburn does it really work who knows who cares my grandma did it so I do it okay you’re going to taste and adjust for seasoning and

then it’s done so easy so incredibly delicious so next time you’re making homemade pizza with our homemade pizza dough recipe you might as well make some pizza sauce II it’s just a really really tasty All Purpose pizza sauce recipe little bit spicy little garlicky

we have that fresh oregano flavor and a little bit of the dry oregano flavor which is a little deeper a little smoke here I don’t use too much of course pieces get ruined if there’s too much sauce on it anyway there you go my top secret pizza sauce recipe Finally Revealed I hope you give that a try head  as usual and as always enjoy

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